Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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J-Luc 12/13/2004

Edirol UA-25 : J-Luc's user review


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All in one: audio, midi, S / PDIF, to walk around with my laptop and do some recordings on the go. A priori, it is easier than my Quattro with only line inputs and an external power supply.

On that side, it is served. It's perfect, even the phantom power is integrated, USB-powered!


Drivers toddlers and automatically switch ASIO2/MME used under W98 and W2000, great, very simple and effective.


I thought, USB-powered, 5V/480mA to power it all, anyway ... audio, mic preamps, it's going to the bazaar ... Well yes, the entries are not really silent, a regular sound and quite high up probably from 5/48V Converter and especially the 5V USB power supply is still rotten just tickle the meters as software that you go up a little gain inputs. It's a sound "computer", regular pulses at high frequency, very different on my UA-25 in any case, channel between D and G. Moreover, the S / B input is not specified by the manufacturer.
Well, that's not bad, and sufficient for most applications, eh! The Quattro, for comparison, varies within + / - 1 bit, sometimes two (wireless connected) is -90/-84dB, right?

This is the price for lack of food, I think.

EDIT 13/12:
Friday I made a recording of kids singing in a primary school notebook, UA-25 and a pair of NT1-A. Ben is nickel, perfect, the hair. Gain half (mics have a lot of fishing) is little background noise, the two microphones powered by the 48V, the sound is clear. Long live the UA-25 and I pass the note to 8.


I have this interface for several days, it's simple, portable, self-contained, reasonably priced, comprehensive and effective.

I'm happy with this purchase but I keep the Quattro for serious work in analog. The UA-25 will do what I bought: I / O fiber and mobility.