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Focusrite iTrack Solo
Focusrite iTrack Solo

USB audio interface from Focusrite belonging to the iTrack series

mrjason mrjason

« For my Ipad »

Published on 11/29/12 at 05:36
I purchased the iTrack Solo recently for use with my iPad. Not that I record very often with my iPad but sometimes depending on where I am I like to use it. I was looking for an inexpensive interface that I could use with it because I knew that I would not be using it that much so I wanted something simple. I did some research and came across the iTrack Solo. This is probably as simple as you can get when it comes to interfaces. You can use this with a Mac/iPad and even PC computers. It is very easy to set up and start using. It is a two channel interface that has a decen preamp and comes with phantom power.


I only use this most of the time just to record guitar tracks on the go, I keep it in my bag so that where I am I can pull it out and lay down some guitar tracks and ideas on the go, I love how it works great with my iPad because I always have my iPad with me so I can always record something no matter what.


The preamp is very quiet, it generates no noise but it is not good enough to give you anything above average recording quality. I would not use this to record anything serious or anything more than just some ideas and practicing. I would not try to add anything that I recorded with the iTrack solo to a final mix because the preamps are not good enough (at least for my standards).


All in all, this interface is very handy. I have not used it with a PC or even a Macbook but I will say that if you have an iPad and you want to record on it then this is a must have. It has a direct instrument input so you can get your guitar recordings right into your iPad hassle free and on the go.