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Thread Super weird issue with Scarlett 18i8

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1 Super weird issue with Scarlett 18i8
Ok guys, I need some real help on this one, I've been on phone email and chat with FR support for 2 days with no help.
My Scarlett started making my PC bluescreen constantly all of a sudden, I knew it was the interface because there was no problem with it unplugged, tried repeatedly. So I reset my pc thinking some .sys file was corrupt or whatever. Fresh copy of W10 boots up, so far so good, download the drivers, bam! bluescreen.
Ok, according to support the automatic default class compliant drivers were left and were causing issues, so I reset again, download the drivers, all looks dandy, peace restored, system boots up fine and stable with the interface plugged in and detected. But, no audio!! I look in the sound control panel and press test, or play a YouTube video, and a signal is clearly being sent to the Scarlett there, but the DAW 1+2 bar in Scarlett Mix Control shows absolutely nothing, except some pops when switching SR, Buffer, etc.
It gets even weirder. I uninstall the drivers, restart the PC, notification in windows pops up: "Setting up device: Scarlett 18i8", I hear the loud annoying ass system notification sound through the headphones I got laying on the table.
My mind just thinks "lol what", I put the headphones on, play an MP3, sure enough, audio works just fine with the generic auto-detect driver. Although a lot of the Scarlett's features are highly dependent on the software, so it's not really solved.
Here's another kicker, I plugged the 18i8 into a laptop, installed mix control and that works just fine.
Anyone have any clue what I'm dealing with here? I haven't been this frustrated with hardware since my budget PC Gaming days.