IK Multimedia StealthPlug
IK Multimedia StealthPlug

StealthPlug, USB audio interface from IK Multimedia.

aokle 03/04/2007

IK Multimedia StealthPlug : aokle's user review


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What motivated me during the purchase of StealthPlug is the price, ease and content of the box. Let's say I used Virtual Intruments level, while I Top quality, except the guitar. So I bought this little tool to save myself.

I use it to record my guitar using FL Studio 5. , Unwanted for compounds to achieve.
(AMD XP 2600 +, 1.5GB Ram, 80 GB HDD * 2, Windows XP Pro SP2)

I put 9 / 10 because it is not perfectly level design:]


No problem during installation. It runs very well with FL Studio 5, Cubase etc.. In the manual (I opened it anyway:]) you have instructions for use with Acoda, Cubase and other apps. For FL Studio, nothing in the manual but it's really not complicated.

No problems since 10/10


The drivers seem to me stable, at least, it did not crash at my place. No upd expected, finally, if it works, I do not see the point, especially when you have a latency of 0 ms.
In fact, I hallucinated that the latency is zero ... In short, we can record as many tracks as you wish, as long as it does not row:]

I put 8 / 10 because the use is almost perfect, but not very ergonomic. Note also a slight difference between listening via the headphone output of the machine, and listening with my old 4.1 that restores the sound to perfection. I have yet to find aps with the Amplitube LE, and sometimes it's frustrating.


It's been almost two weeks now I have my home, and I appreciate more and more perfect for the return of the light. You can play with Amplitube, Trash, Legend Rocks Amp, or its own amp. Nan's great ^ ^

I think I will remake this choice, especially when we see a ton of software they offer with ^ ^

9 / 10 because the saturation of AmpliTube Live are sometimes loud.