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IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS Custom Shop

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    IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS Custom Shop
    IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS Custom Shop

    USB audio interface from IK Multimedia .

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    Guitar and bass players can use two new packages from IK Multimedia: The StealthPlug CS and StealthPedal CS "Custom Shop" Systems.

    These two new packages provide players with an audio interface for their computer and the Guitar & Bass tone shaping software system AmpliTube Custom Shop.

    StealthPlug CS & StealthPedal CS

    The Tone Machine - AmpliTube Custom Shop

    The core of the Custom Shop package is the AmpliTube Custom Shop software, IK's tone software that allows players to build virtual guitar rigs one piece at a time. It comes with 24 pieces of gear, a digital chromatic tuner and two complete guitar/bass signal chains for mono and/or stereo operation. The AmpliTube Custom Shop is based upon AmpliTube 3. It has the same operation and feature set, and can be used as a plug-in for virtually every DAW (digital audio workstation) or as a standalone tone machine for live performance and recording. It also sports a 4-track recorder for capturing ideas.

    The AmpliTube Custom Shop is open 24/7, with gear from Fender, Ampeg, Orange, Soldano, T-Rex, Seymour Duncan, Groove Tubes and more. With AmpliTube Custom Shop, players now have access to every piece of gear from all AmpliTube collections: AmpliTube 3, AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, AmpliTube Metal and Ampeg SVX; plus they'll find additional pieces and "collections" of gear from various manufacturers.


    The StealthPlug USB Audio Interface Cable

    StealthPlug CS package
    The StealthPlug CS "Custom Shop" features the StealthPlug ¼" to USB cable interface, and the new AmpliTube Custom Shop software plus 50 gear credits to use in the AmpliTube Custom Shop online store.
    The StealthPlug audio interface cable is an audio interface cable that plugs your guitar into your computer. It's a 9-foot cable with a ¼" instrument jack on one end, an inline analog to digital converter with volume controls and a headphone jack, and a USB plug on the other end. StealthPlug CS

    The StealthPedal USB Audio Interface and Controller

    StealthPedal CS package
    StealthPedal CS, or "Custom Shop" features the StealthPedal wah-style USB audio interface and controller, plus AmpliTube Custom Shop software and 100 gear credits to use in the AmpliTube Custom Shop online store.
    The StealthPedal serves two purposes: getting your guitar signal to and from your laptop, and controlling software knobs from the floor while you play. This happens in a compact wah-style housing. The StealthPedal features operational sample rates up to 96kHz. StealthPedal CS

    Plus, it features "smart jacks" that will auto-detect and adjust for different types of instrument inputs. StealthPedal also works with keyboards, drum machines and other audio input devices.


    Controlling software parameters with the StealthPedal can take place through AmpliTube Custom Shop's integration and MIDI control. "Right-click" on any software knob, button or adjustment to assign it to a function on the pedal. The StealthPedal also comes with a MIDI control app that lets you use the StealthPedal with any MIDI compatible application.


    Pricing and Availability

    The StealthPlug CS and StealthPedal CS packages are available from the IK Multimedia web store, and selected IK Multimedia retailers and distributors around the world.

    • StealthPlug CS is priced at €74.99 (excluding taxes). It includes: StealthPlug audio interface cable, AmpliTube Custom Shop Software and 50 Custom Shop gear credits.
    • StealthPedal CS is priced at €174.99 (excluding taxes). It includes: StealthPedal audio interface/controller, AmpliTube Custom Shop Software and 100 Custom Shop gear credits.

    More information can be found on the IK Multimedia website: and

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