deadtalkingmind 07/26/2010

Lexicon I-Onix U82S : deadtalkingmind's user review

«  Learn to identify its needs »

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To summarize, 8 inputs combo XLR / Jack, with preamp, 2 MIDI input, two control plays etc. ...
I use a PC dualcore 2.1 ghz, 4GB of RAM.


The drivers could be better, but I could well, despite some volatility, record my drum tracks for my EP group. I always used with Cubase 5.


There is no manual, but the implementation is childish, we can not fail. We put the CD, it starts the installation, you connect the card and voila.


This is my first interface. I use to record EP with my band, and especially myself on drums. The preamps are clear and effective, easy to use map, its main defect and has no input or ADAT output. So, 8 tracks and nothing else.

Now I really need more, so it will faloir without them. When shopping, I did not really afford to take a model that allows me to plug an analog / digital.

The value for money does not seem bad. Allows her to make a comfortable home studio. That said, we must identify its needs. As this card does not 8 out online, it will be harder to connect live. Then it's 8 input strict, then ask yourself the question, is it enough? Am I willing to pay for more expensive power one day rise to 16 entries?