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Line 6 GuitarPort XT
Line 6 GuitarPort XT

USB audio interface from Line 6 belonging to the GuitarPort series

Thread Using Guitarport for recording...

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1 Using Guitarport for recording...
Hey guys,

I've been using my Line6 Guitarport to record my guitar and vox with Sound Forge 6.0, but I noticed that when i use the amp models, I get a much higher (and very noticable) buzzing noise than when it is in bypass mode. Anyone having the same problems? What can be done to reduce the buzzing? Would gladly appreciate any help available.

Are you using the built-in Hum Reducer?

Make sure the guitar cable is good. Make sure the shielding and grounding in the guitar is good.
Turn your computer monitor off and see if it goes away. Since I play single coil guitars as a rule, sometimes I have to get vereything set up to record and then turn the monitor off for the actual take......... :shock:
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