Line 6 GuitarPort XT
Line 6 GuitarPort XT

GuitarPort XT, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the GuitarPort series.

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hexalto 03/07/2005

Line 6 GuitarPort XT : hexalto's user review


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Amp simulations / modeling / effects to be connected directly to PC via USB port.
Simulations and effects equivalent to POD 2 (see XT) so many: Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Tremolo, wah-wah, plus an equalizer, a compressor, noise gate and a stomp (4 possible distortions including the famous Screamer) . Big scalable preset bank. Fine tuning and virtually endless combinations. A truly comprehensive tool.
9 / 10 because no tool is perfect (in this case is fairly light wahwah).


The installation is very simple. The plug and play of the port (USB) will help a lot. Not read the manual, but is largely intuitive and ergonomic.
RCA connection cable / jack 3.5 sound card. Stereo sound (it's not so common).
All this takes about 150MB on disk. A straw.
Regular updates on
Try also: RiffTracker. A tool suite includes an interesting rhythm generator to record a quick idea of ​​components.
I do not put that 9 / 10 because access to presets via the menu is a bit tedious for those like me who have more than 100 presets stored ...


Although electronic, the effects are really realistic and mostly bluffing.
Metallica big sound / Ramstein to funk Pat Metheny, almost everything is.
Used with bass and guitar. For the bass it's okay no more. I even tried to voice it's enough for a demo but not good enough to prod the course.
Apart from the many presets already come standard, can be added (for the modest sum of $ 49) packs of models on the Line6 site as well as user presets. Even better for those who have a client peer-to-peer (like eMule), there are lots of presets made by users like "Riff Master of Puppets", "Satch Boogie Solo" and so on. Some are really close to the original. Besides, taking time to tweak it's quite easy to approach a specific sound.
The presets in question weighs peanuts (about 40kb each)


I use this little gem since 2 months after using for a long time, and succession: a Zoom 707 II, a V-AMP2, a plethora of pedals Ibanez Boss and ... There's no photo. I do not even understand how one can still use a Metal Zone pedal type even on a good amp.
Warning: in my opinion, this is only useful if you are the only home-studio.
I bought mine on Ebay USD and I paid $ 110 used (about 85 euros) including postage. No wear on this type of product.
To buy the closed eyes. Personally, I would resume the same.