Line 6 GuitarPort XT
Line 6 GuitarPort XT

GuitarPort XT, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the GuitarPort series.

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tropik 02/24/2005

Line 6 GuitarPort XT : tropik's user review


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To summarize, this "box" plays the rle of a perfectly prampli with modeling effects. There are a lot of sounds available: modlisations amps, effects pedals, microphones (single and double), a lot of rglages possible in fact.
RCA connection to my sound card, the signal travaerse spring on the PC and my speakers, I can register my carefree guitar in a squenceur.
Between jack for the guitar .... there is also a headphone between .... etc.


Well, in my case I am very satisfied with the effect, even when it is necessary to take a step in the head rglages out good sound, but it's doable, and sometimes even bluffing.
I bought this thing ... ;) For two reasons:
1 / fed and sounds of AmpliTube to be too random image utiliss.
2 / JAM for the function / LESSONS gives me great pleasure and make me work plans.

BUT ....
I board sound card no lights, no more than PC bulbs (if I invent ca, I'm a hit! ).... So yes, it does not sound from an amp lamps, I specify that for crtins say yeah ... but anyway, there's no lights, is crap .... no it's not shit, it's The very good .... modlisations electronic!


I repeat ... we have to look a little on the set for good sound, but it is relatively easy to find your need, for my part, I am very satisfied.


The most stunning is the jam with pieces that are picked up on the site of line6 (7.5 $ / month) but it's pretty cool to find themselves on Jamer Hendrix or SRV or whoever you want ... The guitar sound is automatically adapted to the songs, a kind of automation (adjustable) Properties adjusts sound of the guitar for solos / rhythm ... even the sound level of your instrument is good enough "mixquot, and all leaves a good impression, for me it is really useful in the sense that I work the plans that I like.
The courses are fairly basic but not all take, and then the little extra it records that, with a little knowledge of English gives you information on the group, the songs ... well I like my ca ....

The 2nd good thing was the rle of prampli stro offered by the GuitarPort, it lacks an expression pedal ...

Price: 160 euros for stuff + 80/ans for "online" = fun, not paradise, just fun.

Another plus: the evolution through the upgrade on the line6 site, even when it's cool to be able to evolve his gear, I do that with my AIM RP2000;)

Conclusion: Positive! I would do this choice fermsa eyes if you know what lon wants, and that's the first product that I line6 owns and trs I'm happy!