Line 6 POD Studio UX1
Line 6 POD Studio UX1

POD Studio UX1, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the POD Studio series.

Gitaroo 01/11/2014

Line 6 POD Studio UX1 : Gitaroo's user review

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I bought this sound card because I was satisfied with the new range of amp "Line 6 Spider IV" which sends heavy for not very expensive (HD 150w is really a big plus!).
So after some positive reviews I decided to take me this soundcard so-called "extraordinary" for my songs.

I paired this software on my Laptop PC with a config that should be no problem (4GB ram and graphics card / motherboard / processor that fit perfectly the way). (Problems I got a package and oddly I'm not the only one to have had ..)
And software "Pod Farm 2.5" or "Guitar Rig 5" I was recording live as everyone on "cubase 5" or "audacity".

Against by the object itself is junk ...
The disign pass but against we feel that the materials are not of good quality and the weight should not exceed 200g.


The drivers are stable I can not comment on this point. I had no problems installing or adapter settings, everything is easy to do so just follow the manipulations to take.

I recorded most often on cubase 5 and audacity:

Audacity to no concern for the inputs and outputs, but against for cubase you can expect the increasing latency depending on the time of use and the outputs are difficult to run because when I select "OUT: line 6 UX1" he m 'Sometimes the sound comes out of the computer and not the speakers that I put in the sound card, my colleague often had this problem.

For the number of tracks. Never exceed 2! Or are doing one by one and close the software end of each recording, because beyond two (or even one!), Sound card hesitate, making it clear sound at the wrong time and poor quality .

When my songs, rhythm guitar track was often in the west or the sound was too "electronic", therefore it was difficult to distinguish the notes.


I have almost everything said above, but I go back to the fact that the synchronization of multiple track is poorly regulated and that despite the accuracy and ease of use in the end the result is bad.

I never had any problems of incompatibility, and I confess lucky because it is one of the most circulated on this sound card problems.


I use this card for almost 2 years now and with the experience I do not have that choice.

I tried a sound card in the same medium "m-audio" and I bitterly regret my choice.

The only feature that I liked is the ease of use. Most often in sound cards, drivers must be sought from both other and spend hours for optimizations while there everything is very simple and sufficient. We would see it everywhere ..

The feature I liked least is the sound ... Yet these are not pregnant who have concerns (Yamaha HS-50 that I sold and now replaced the speakers hercules same quality). The sound is not natural at all, I can spend hours and hours mastering for a professional look. And not to go because of the tracks ..

The value really means, it should not really expect much from competitors while we still feel a sound that corresponds to our expectations.

I will average only software available and easily downloadable patches. Otherwise my score would have been 4.

My guitars are used:

- Schecter Synyster Gates Custom
- Lag Arkane 500.

I'll wait to buy a boss or logitech pedals and a few years pass divine fractal audio systems axis-fx ii.

Never listen to others that offer "their" quality at minimal price for the quality you have to pay for!