MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid
MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid

UltraLite mk3 Hybrid, USB audio interface from MOTU in the UltraLite series.

zenasium 01/23/2012

MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid : zenasium's user review

«  Good interface »

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What motivated my choice, it is mainly two things, or rather three:
1) The Sample rate that goes up to 192Khz
2) The hybrid mode that allows my macbook to do without power supply.
3) The connection that allows me connecting with my whole set of instruments, which is composed without being monstrous when even if I also takes into account an EWI 4000, a microphone for the flute, a VL70 and, where applicable, a vocal mic.

As said just before, this interface is the core of my set of 'snow blower wind instrument'


I had once problems with an interface that has literally lost the ball. I did not know what to do. I extinguished and relit it was good. Must say I've done has just about anything with sets of effects which are located in the interface and frankly, I put the loop on itself or qqchose of this kind there.
Otherwise, no worries. I work almost every day and it is there, breathless annoying, neutral and clean.
I am not updating the drivers, but I will still give it a try in 64bit soon if the interface supports it.
I am roughly 6ms latency when I play, which is not bad at all.


No surprise to install. It's super simple. I already had an old 828Mk2 and I installed, started and played. was the install and play.
As I do is little or no part of its software, I will not dwell on this subject.
the manual is adequate and frankly, I have consulted with the installation. since then, I even know where I put it ...


I use it only for 6 months. what makes some of my views. it is the culmination of several attempts with other interfaces, cheaper, less obviously. I got tired of still having problems with noise, stability, and so on. Finally, I broke my piggy bank and I offered the MK3. Since I do not think about looking for something else.
I can not say what I like most or least. It suits me, it is in a price range that's still expensive. This is the only least at this time of crisis, but it is clear that this is important.