RME Audio Fireface UCX
RME Audio Fireface UCX

Fireface UCX, USB audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

mrjason 02/06/2013

RME Audio Fireface UCX : mrjason's user review

« This interface has everything! »

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The Fireface UCX is an USB interface that is made by RME. This interface is extremely low latency and caused no issues with using it on my Windows PC running Vista. This interface gives 36 channels of audio and each channel can be used at 1 time. But up to 8 analog and 10 digital channels can be recorded on 18 different tracks.


Setting this interface up was not hard, but it does take a little more time than your average interface because it is loading up the drivers and software. The low latency converters are great on this interface, I have read bad reviews in the past of people saying that the latency was an issue for them and RME has not done a good job with this interface but to me the converters are great!


The sound quality when using this interface is top notch, there are A/D and D/A high quality converters on all of the Ins and Outs up to 192 kHz. The best thing about the quality is that it will not color your sound, and it will not lose quality on your sound. It will record exactly what you give it, so having a good microphone is crucial when working with this interface. This interface sounds great but it does nothing magical, you will still need to have a good microphone and room acoustics to get the best possible quality. But when paired with a good microphone this interface is one of the best out!


The price of this interface is pretty high but it is well worth the sound. The microphone and instrument preamps are excellent and all of the channels have switched 48V phantom power with LEds on the unit for clipping and signals. There is nothing not to like about this interface, I say make the investment in purchasing this because you may not need to ever purchase another interface after you get the Fireface UCX.