RME Audio Fireface UCX
RME Audio Fireface UCX

Fireface UCX, USB audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

Philippe Hélard 11/17/2013

RME Audio Fireface UCX : Philippe Hélard's user review

« No real MIDI control »

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Excellent features but no MIDI control with a sequencer (DAW).
For those who don't agree with my opinion: It can be useful for people who need MIDI automation, be tolerant!


No MIDI control,so it's useless in my studio.


Very simple connections.


Excellent unit, BUT...
After assigning the Fireface MIDI inputs/outputs in the DAW and arming the track, Totalmix sends no MIDI messages: The MIDI track remains empty and the MIDI message VUmeter doesn't move.
I tried all sorts of configurations, with and without MIDI cables: It's impossible to transmit MIDI messages between Totalmix and the DAW.

RME ─ who is very active in the forums ─ has no intention of developing this function.