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Tascam US-122

Thread Setting up a Tascam US 122 on a PC

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1 Setting up a Tascam US 122 on a PC
First of all, thank you to whomever reads this and says, "I can help this computer-challenged guy".

I'm a musician and not a computer person. I have very limited knowledge of computers. I wanted to do some recording....put down a drum track; come back and put down a paino track on top of that; then guitar; etc. You get where I'm going. Pretty simple. Used to be done with a 4 track reel-to-reel tape recorder. (I'm dating myself but old isn't necessarily bad).

I've been ripping my hair out (what little I have left) trying to get this simple project to work!!!

If there is anyone who can help, I'd really appreciate your input. I've gone through the set up (there are around 900 pages of manuals with this thing) and I thought I did everything correctly. I can get the program up and running, get the mixer on the screen, one track ready to be recorded....but there is no sound getting into the program through my microphone. The US 122 has a light that blinks with the sound (if I do a mic test) but the gauge on the program that should rise and fall indicating the strength of the signal, just does nothing...obviously there is a setting issue that is not being met and the interface is not 'talking' to the program for this microphone.

I'm sure this is not enough information for a 'fix' but I thought maybe it would tell you some things to be tried that might get this connected and recording.

I want to use this in it's simplest form. Once I get comfortable with that, I can look at effects, midi, etc. But for now, I just want to do some recording of material.

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully suggesting to things to help. My email is dmoc@aol.com.
Never mind. I got a great guy from Steinberg to help me maneuver through the haze and the program is now running and recording great.