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Tascam US-122

Thread Tascam US-122 and Mac Nightmare!

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1 Tascam US-122 and Mac Nightmare!
Hi all
This is my first posting and I hope someone can help.

I've been using my Tascam US-122 for over a year with my Windows XP pc and it's worked fine.
I've just bought a G4 Mac off a friend and the US-122 won't work with it.

I've plugged the US-122 in direct to the Mac and I've also tried it through a powered USB hub but none of the lights come on. No power getting to it. When I look at the US-122 Manager on the Mac it says: "US-122 not available". I've installed the latest version of the US-122 software and that hasn't made any difference.

My Mac's on OSX 10.3.9

Any ideas?
Help please!

Hi , I just joined the forums today and couldn't help noticing your post .
I have the US 122 ever since it showed up on my local music store's shelves , and use it with my 15" PowerBook G4 . Your post seems a bit disoriented regarding the order of the actions you took using the US 122 with the Mac .
Tascam specifically asks (written with red) at the beginning of the Mac OS X driver installation process that you DO NOT CONNECT the US 122 while installing the driver . Did you do that ? If you had your US 122 connected during driver installation , it's possible you damaged it .
What versioin of Mac OS X are you using . There are different drivers recommended for Panther or Tiger .
But after all this time you posted this I suppose you allready solved your problem , or got yourself another sound card .
Hope it's nt to late .
I've never had any prblems with mine . It worked flawlessly with every audio/MIDI application on Mac .
No pops , no clicks , good quality recording , no latency at all .
Good luck
Sorry......didn't see.....you have Panther . Driver version recommended is 3.2.3