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Tascam US-1641 : Anonymous 's user review


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Q / P exceptional
IMAC 24 "4 gb ram
Snow Leopard


Perfect OS X, an ordeal as .. Windows .. cracking etc, unusable.

In OS X I put him in full of cum, but none so no worries. (I connect everything together is through Jack: Mixbus Harrison + Garage Band + + virtual samplers reaper3 + hydrogen + audacity, no problem)

While I did not even keep it when I was a PC running XP, then I do not even think about anything. I mix I plug it rules.

I love the sound of this card, really impressive for the price. So I became a fan of his TASCAM.


Install super fast as ... snow leopard. Snow specific drivers.


Q / P Excellent but to reach the top (for me) would have TASCAM looks back on ... firewire ... The same as firewire and it's nirvana. TASCAM has emerged from a 1641 "remastered" I do not see any interest. Much to offer a "1641" in firewire make a difference ...