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Patbaf 03/19/2012

Tascam US-1641 : Patbaf's user review

«  Ultra flexible configuration »

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The advantage of this machine and why I bought it:
16 inputs, 8 XLR phantom power supply with front panel: ideal for studio or home studio + all the different outputs on the back. Not to mention 8 input jack on the rear two entrees + HZ (bass guitar on the front)
NB: phantom power button on the front

In frontage: one knob to balance the mix and the singer's voice, for example, very afficace;
avoids changing the faders on the console. Excellent headphone directly facade.

Personally, for voice, I preamplified with an Avalon or UNIVERSAL M 610 and joined the US-1641 online.
Otherwise the XLR are nickel with very little breath even with the knob fully.

This is ideal for recorded several singers, a battery, a small group "live" effects hardware back into the DAW ... Everything is just connected to my USB 2. No worries or cracking in Low Latency

You can send output directly to a network and directly through headphone monitors,
More manageable entry at the rear.

In short, in connection with a Presonus Monitor Station, all is super flexible and versatile in the number of person to register (it's been 16 entered a lot of people). I never went all the way into the possibility, but so far no worries. The single USB connection 2 is quite sufficient.


No worries drivers to install: plug directly into MAC play year.


Meem not need to read the manual, for which has already done a little recording studio, all inputs and outputs are identified.


I use it for six months, after trying several digital audio interfaces to input 2: Alesis, M-Audio ...
Ben is the day you at night: no more cracking, staining, undesired compression, the signal is transparent
(It's on with Avalon before)

If need to have more input: well I do it again the same choice, for consistency.
In addition she is beautiful, even if its shiny knob are a bit cheap /