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ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Tascam US-1641 : ericthegreat's user review

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The Tascam US 1641 was the first audio interface I bought when I wanted to get into digital recording with my computer. I was running it with a Hewlett Packard lap top with a 3 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM and using Cubase SX as a sequencer. It has eight XLR input based pre amplifiers and then has eight more ADAT inputs and outputs and also has a AES/EBU connections.


Setting up the US 1641 was quick and painless. I had no compatibility issues and was able to have the unit up and running with my machine within minutes. The general configuration of the unit is simple and easy to follow, which makes it easy to manipulate and to learn what everything does. The manual is complete and through and is useful when setting up and using this audio interface.


I ran the US 1641 with Cubase SX without any problems. The drivers were stable and are updated pretty often. I was able to record without any latency, as this machine does all of its processing within the unit, freeing up space on my computer. I was able to record at least ten tracks at once, sometimes more, which has more to do with my computer I think, but being as fast as this interface is, it definitely helps to run everything quickly and smoothly.


I bought the US 1641 about four years ago, but I have since switched to a Pro Tools based system with a different audio interface. The reason I switched had nothing to do with this unit, as I think this is better than the audio interface I have now - a Digidesign Digi 002 rack version. The reason I switched was simply because I need to run Pro Tools. If you don't use Pro Tools, this is one of the best home studio audio interfaces you can get. The preamps aren't the best sounding, but are definitely usable and will get a pretty clean sound. One of my favorite parts about this is the metering, as it is extremely clear and looks great! This interface worked great for me while I had it, and if I could run Pro Tools with it, I would still have it. Highly recommended for those looking to put together a computer based home studio with an audio interface like this one.