Blue Microphones Snowball
Blue Microphones Snowball

Snowball, USB microphone from Blue Microphones.

beatsbyclos 05/07/2015

Blue Microphones Snowball : beatsbyclos's user review

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I bought the Blue Snowball microphone back in 2010. I was getting ready to deploy to the desert, and I was warned not to bring valuable equipment for fear of getting it filled with sand (sand gets into everything over there)! So I paid the $100 at the time for this microphone to do some temporary work during my stay away from home. I probably would have been ok bringing a better microphone for recording my vocals but, I am still able to find good uses for this microphone even to this day!

As I said before, while I was in the desert I used this microphone to record temporary vocals for any song ideas I would form while out there. Honestly, I wonder how well those recordings would have held up had I knew how to properly mix at the time. While not my first choice for recording vocals for commercial songs, the Blue Snowball has been my first choice for everything else. I have made great presentations, radio commercials, and voice-overs for video tutorials all with this microphone. I have also recording samples of me making noises with dishes to use them as drums for school assignments.

So the usb-powered Snowball condenser microphone has three different modes of operation. The first position, which I use the most, is for what’s directly in front of the microphone. If you’re going to be doing any voice-overs, vocals, or podcasting, you’ll want to use “position 1” for get the best results possible. I’ve conducted video tutorials while recording my vocals from a good two feet away with this mic, and the audio comes in loud and very clear. While mixing down the tutorial I find that I have to spend very little time making sure that my voice is clear after recording.

If you need to capture loud sounds like live bands, “position 2” is going to be your best bet. I used this setting to capture the samples I needed to record for making drums samples. Lastly in the third position, you’re able to use this mic for things like conference calls where multiple voice in different places need to be heard.

The Snowball is very versatile and can meet your many needs for audio recording. I think the best thing about this microphone is that it is does not require an audio interface. You can just plug and play via usb connection. Studio equipment can be expensive, but this microphone is not. Whether it’s recording acoustic instruments, voice-overs, or just chatting on Skype with a friend, this microphone is well equipped to handle the challenge with great results.

built-in stand makes easy to place mic anywhere
usb powered plug and play
clear audio