Epiphone Wayne Static Flying V
Epiphone Wayne Static Flying V

Wayne Static Flying V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Flying V series.

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tjon901 06/15/2011

Epiphone Wayne Static Flying V : tjon901's user review

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Wayne Static is the frontman for the industrial band Static X. He has a razor sharp tone and is known for his Flying V guitars. A few years ago Epiphone decided to make him a signature model based on his custom Flying V. The guitar they came out with is a barebones no frills heavy metal Flying V. The shape of the guitar is based on a 1950s flying V shape. It has a more squared off look that newer flying v's. This guitar is similar to the Gothic Epiphone V. The biggest difference is the controls. The Wayne Static V is a barebones machine it just has a volume knob and a pickup selector. It has an imitation ebony fretboard which is pretty nice. It is dark and smooth like ebony. More companies should use synthetic ebony if they cant use real ebony. Ebony is the best wood for a fretboard there is a reason orchestral instruments have used ebony for hundreds of years. The pickups are hot open coil Epiphone pickups. It has a string through bridge which helps increase the sustain.


Because of the V design the upper frets are easier to reach than on a Les Paul. The set neck design means there is a bit of a heel at the neck joint but on this model it is not bad. I like the 50s design of the Flying V more than the 67 reissue design. The 50s design has better upper fret access because the body joins the neck further up the neck. . The V shape might be hard for some people to play sitting down. You may have to play in a classical position with the guitar in your lap if you are playing while sitting down. Some models have a strip of rubber to add more traction to the bottom of the guitar, making it easier to play while sitting down. Standing up the shape gives the guitar perfect balance. The input jack is kind of in a bad place if you are use to wrapping it through your guitar strap. The synthetic ebony fretboard is nice and smooth. Sometimes it can feel like you are playing on a plastic fretboard.


The pickups on this explorer have open coils and are a bit hotter to give you a more metal sound. Epiphone pickups normally are not that great. On many Epiphone guitars the stock pickups will sound pretty muddy. These pickups are a little less muddy and normal Epiphone pickups but I would still recommend a pickup change. You can really hear and feel the resonance throughout the V shaped body. With a swap of pickups this guitar would sound beastly and be dead simple.


This guitar is a low cost stripped down heavy metal Flying V. This is a good example of a signature guitar. The artist has a basic thing he wanted to have on the guitar and it is something that many metal guitar players will also want. No silly graphics or big giant signatures. It is just a stripped down flying V.