Gibson Tribal V
Gibson Tribal V
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STEF NLC - Gamin immature 12/20/2011

Gibson Tribal V : STEF NLC - Gamin immature's user review

«  V as speed! V for victory! »

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Made in the USA
Khaler easel
Channel Highway 22 boxes
Mcaniques blocantes very prcises
498R and 500T pickups HH has sent pais!
Micro Selector 3 positions
A volume / A tonalitbr />

Handle very end, very pleasant, very easy to play as in full agreement that solo
The guitar is trslgre (3 kg), you can play for hours standing and send his guitar in the air!
The historical form of the Gibson Flying V, devastating look, not easy to play sitting (because of my sales and note "8/10"), very well balanced: no flop (or to the body, nor towards the head), not too large so it is not hit more than a
AACS the box 22 is correct unless you wear the guitar at the knees like James Hetfield!
Despite that it is like "metal", one can get a nice clear sound and a natural crunch
Obviously then, to send, to send!


Yes, I play in a cover of Metallica, it onvient me perfectly in terms of look and its
The sound is rather bold and aggressive putting the knobs 10, otherwise, playing on the pickups and knobs, you can get a great diversity of his grace to clbres Gibson pickups
If I did not need to play sitting (disability), I will keep it and go up to active EMG for more prcisions and less drooling (because of the note "8/10"

I play on a Marshall Valvestate 8080 (92) on Bugera 333XL with crankset BOSS GT8 for effects

I like the aggressive and not too mushy sound, a mix between the active EMG and H 490
I love the crystal clear sound and round
I do not like the sound specially feutr and crunchy


1 year little prs
yes, I have had a lot of guitars, so I can compare
Jackson JSX 94 and DKMGT, Epiphone LP and EXPLORER, Gibson LP studio classic custom ...
What I love most is the shape, the look, the sound, the Khaler which is standard for precision and ease of rglages
What I like least is the form to play sitting on the sofa!

I have bought in the USA promo, I would have never been over 3000 usd annoncs when same! 2200 with the douanires taxes, for a limited series of 350 copies, upscale teams, will have
So more than 3,000 usd = too expensive, 2200th TTC yes she deserves and yes I would do this choice
For me the top is the khaler the mcaniques, the handle, the lightness and shape the look
With active EMG and no handicap for me = 10/10!