Harley Benton Extreme-76
Harley Benton Extreme-76

Extreme-76, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton in the Classic series.

SlapKid 11/29/2014

Harley Benton Extreme-76 : SlapKid's user review

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I just received, set neck 22cases, tunomatic-mechanical oil bath, 2 humbuckers wired so Jazzbass (Therefore if a mic is zero volume ben was sound in middle position, finally).
Nice finish no defects and yet there is the surface!
The mark on the head and is inlaid pearl is crazy like everything else at the price where it is (99roros).


The frets are well posed and especially well on the edges filed down key, the handle is slightly inclined relative to the table that is comfortable. Its profile is slim type gigi sixties, but his varnish does not stick to his legs.
Very nice solo in the treble, and just meaty enough to Riffer such belzebuth.

The surprise for me is the relative comfort of this exploration, many slice thigh equally little pressure for seated play. The rear wing right elbow level does not really seen gene that switches the guitar neck upwards, and some wood to the neck pickup level allows ensconce the top of the ratings.
Just remember that as a sg the seat is below the bridge so we are left too low 2-3 boxes against a strat-tele-rg-etc. A blow to take.
Also, a tunomatic offers no latitude adjustment for harmonic so if you want dropD is limited (my copy there is a lot of room to the back so it should go without worry).

The knob is placed on one débilement marauder, move it in place of the tone knob as soon as possible!


When empty it sounds beautifully, consistent and very clear, good sustain well.
Connected to marshall mg 12 inches (jensen c12k100) is the mégaclaque, all there! Naughty, set, colorful, precise but musical, not too fat for acute fleshy but for serious, it's just total hallucination the asking price.
A holy seed is very catchy in fact I'm already hooked despite all the stuff that goes between my legs.


I would put that amount just to get the microphones ...
It is clean and wired shielded more ...
Often I do not understand how one can propose good stuff to contained price but here it is three times worse as the value is stratospheric.
I will update in case of negative development of violin (it unfortunately happened to me after a year for three Les Paul brand) times that the wood used is not dry-dry ...

Amazing guitar now, and at this price it is atomic.