Jackson JS30KV King V
Jackson JS30KV King V

JS30KV King V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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big red machine 07/20/2006

Jackson JS30KV King V : big red machine's user review


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The two micro possde jackson jackson humbuckers.
a handle 24 cases
one volume, one tone and a 3 position selector of the classic koi
The handle is typically large enough jackson flat bottom (I mean the note) but comfortable and thin haut.la violin is good enough.'s Little regrets are not included and not shark teeth and the absence of floyd


It takes a little getting used to the form v king finally TRRS trs but it is hard to play sitting down. The guitar is lightweight is enjoyable to play nothing too hard to use


As you might expect given the form, this guitar is not a Bluesette, it is typemtal. Mics jackson me enjoyable surprised if prcispas powerful moves away from EMG. The sound is typically jackson (I personally love it) at will fiddle pitique heavy like Metallica 80 years and to my grand marshall zakk conbini c super. but assure you it is suitable for all types of mtal.Le clear sound is true not bad, a little dry and bright clear sound nice metallica vraimtn


This is my guitar deuxime et2franchement do not complicate with BC Rich or Ibanez are true "rotten" (dsl) you are looking for a guitar prix.Si metal it is made for you. Do not believe the price it will thunder. And assure you it is possible to make a good clean scratches really great for cheap