Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads
Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads

JS30RR Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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SlAyK 09/21/2005

Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads : SlAyK's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
-Made in Indonesia.
-24 Frets, it helps for solos ... ;-P, two humbuckers Jackson.
"It's simple, no Floyd, then fixed bridge. (Check the picture!)
-A volume knob, one tone, and a microphone selector 3 positions. (Logique. ..)


Channel just extra. Super fast, super end to the top of the game fast and nag!
-Access to acute is relatively simple, even if the shape of the guitar takes a little getting used to.
Ergonomics-excellent, against, again the shape of the guitar causes an imbalance. But you get used very easily. Guitar rather light compared to my old Stagg feels good on the back!
-Well then it depends on what there is to like her ... For blues and jazz sound that really happens a lot with acute micro clear sound. For my part I leave the saturated micro Acute making really good. But it all depends on the amp is used on my Fender, you get a metallic sound rather unpleasant, So I had plenty of time to find a nearly saturated hot for my taste ... But with a good pedal or an amp with good saturation cream it goes!


-My style of music? Oh sure there's no better for the Metallica and Children Of Bodom, class and more!
Ben-Personal I use a Fender FM212R and there's more ... But hey it's not really compatible without pedal ... I tried it with a Digitech Death Metal and there but too good!
-Okay so here is simple, with the micro serious, one can not force the Doom, and we are able to do solos to twist the glass windows with acute micro!
"I love the crunch well, true to the micro acute Randy! Just a pure joy ... However the bass sound is really too advanced for me, unless you're playing for a funeral ...


-It is now four days that I utlise, and I'm madly in love ...
"I love the microphone acute form above ... The handle is ... Honestly aside from the slight imbalance due to the shape nothing wrong ...
-Oula so I tried a lot of models I tried many guitars in this price range, and I came across it by chance and had a OCCAZ gold. I had already looked for an LTD M-50, but frankly the quality is even smaller next to it.
-Excellent quality / price ratio, honestly, it's amazing to be able to acquire Jackson that price and especially of this quality at that!
-Not having much experience, of course I would do this election ... But I know some friends at the confirmed were surprised! So go ahead, enjoy!