Jackson Roswell Rhoads
Jackson Roswell Rhoads

Roswell Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Professional series.

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jahal 08/07/2006

Jackson Roswell Rhoads : jahal's user review


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- Made in Japan
- 22 round boxes, maple fingerboard
- Body Poplar
- Micro Duncan Designed HB-103
- Jackson tune-o-matic bridge
- 1 volume

Sailing Sailing ... lol


Question use, it's going to be brief.
Have you ever seen a surfboard? You've already tried playing with a piece of metallica? right? You dreamed?

Jackson has done!

it turns out that playing with a surfboard is not easy sitting ... there is the cross that enters the thigh must therefore play standing up (or you can get your leg over and secure it against the wall but not practical c).

There is a microphone, a volume more than INLAYS it beyond the 12 th box (it's no use you play the Metal URF! URF!). Basically it is wood and a microphone, so no brainer.


I bought this guitar at 5 years there because I wanted to form a body with a crazy and possibly change the microphone to put in a huge way. So I had the opportunity to test the original configuration at leisure and frankly, I rarely heard worse. I think the violin has a lot to ... is flat, skinny, no potato, ill-defined ... Change this micro viiiite! They have not thought about him sticking the duncan design!

My config: Peavey Triple X + baffle 4x12 peavey, boss GE7.

In keeping with the spirit of the guitar (ie: one thinks not and is heading straight not avoid obstacles), I stuck him a Di Marzio X2N (yes let's totally go crazy hop) to raise the gain and treble and at the same time forbid me the clean sound, the crunch, the romantic ballads, bossa, funk, blues, jazz, omelletes, coffee table and the naval battle. So what's left? Bah it buggers free and it sends the fifth flat rolled under the armpits.

Surprisingly, after amendment (and not ask me why I know), it appears that the guitar responds well in the hyper saturated and very low tuning (Drop C). The Di Marzio has a gain outright excessive surgical precision coupled with a healthy dose of fever. So the guitar takes a pair of testicles of bouque in two seconds.

It's really strange because the objective is roswell guitar very limit that coutait 6000 francs because it was a form of non-standard and manufactured in Japan and suddenly it becomes a monster ... this is really a UFO guitar ...

I put 9 becaufe frankly disto and it knocks enjoyment of buggers like that. But the rest that is 0 points.


I am not a fan of Jackson at the base, and I think everyone will agree that apart from the U.S. jackson guitars have a quality rather random, finally good truce controversy.

So if you want to acquire should be noted that apart from the rest of the look is zero unless you opt for the solution Conan The Barbarian which is as explained above him to stick a microphone lumberjack. There, believe me you'll be extremely surprised (I was the first) and you will really feel like godzilla in his hands.

See you in Hell