Jackson USA KE2 Kelly
Jackson USA KE2 Kelly

USA KE2 Kelly, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.

MGR/Peter 12/18/2001

Jackson USA KE2 Kelly : MGR/Peter's user review

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Purchased at Guitar Center. I only bought it there 'cos I got a good deal and they had one in stock...had to fight for the deal and go back twice to get the price match...won't buy a guitar from them again. No factory hang tag...pots dirty through sitting around for 6 months. Paid $1100 w/case out the door.

This guitar is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, If there was only two guitars allowed to be made by law it should be the KE2 and the SL1.

The vol. knob needs to be moved ( I get mine done by my local repair guy) it gets in the way. But hey...your getting a guitar that blows EVERYTHING away, including a $5000 Les Paul AND it looks great. No more to be said.

the overall quality of the guitar can be described with just one word beginning with 'a'...


I wish I had a million bucks, I'd order a ton of custom ones in all kinds of woods, colors and pup options.

Keep it up Jackson! Please don't let the quality drop! (like your overpriced competition did)

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