Jackson USA KV2 King V
Jackson USA KV2 King V

USA KV2 King V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.


Jackson USA KV2 King V : MGR/BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD's user review

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I bought this goddess in a local sam ash for 299$ CHEAP ASS i thought first but when i plugged dat into my marshall, WOW!

DUUUDDDDEE! This guitar is so friggin HOTTTTT! man i bought this for the shape nd the fact that i can play Megadeth on this unlike my first guitar with humbuckers nd bluesish style. Its the true metal guitar, play megadeth to Guns N' Roses itll all sound good.

WTF is there not to like, i would like the whammy bar though and the bridge is hard to get used to from a Les Paul.

THIS GUITAR IS AWESOME!!! i probably bump my guitars more than anyone and this guitar looks new with 1 yr abuse which would equal 5 yr of abuse for a normal person. Its awesomlly built. nothing comes off

KICKSASS! GO, GET ONE IF U LIKE TO SHRRED METAL!ill rate it 4 nd 1/2 just because nothing is perfect.

-Metal Shall Arise Again, just wait RAP, just wait!

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