Jackson USA RR1 Randy Rhoads
Jackson USA RR1 Randy Rhoads

USA RR1 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.

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LeMikou 11/14/2004

Jackson USA RR1 Randy Rhoads : LeMikou's user review


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I bought this guitar a guy an orchestra in my region who sold all his gear. It is white with a Floyd Rose vibrato brand, two microphones and is double the 1985 so I know if we can call RR1 but in any case looks like ay. On the head there described "made in United States" so I think she does makes the United States. It is very well finished and super enjoyable.


Everything is good on this guitar sound, the neck, the look ... I just have a little trouble sitting to play with but it must not be made for a. Besides, I have a poster of Metallica Kirk Hammet which has almost the same and plays upright.
The sounds are all sat monstrous crunch of the extreme sat and clean sounds are clean but trs trs are not Fender (dual microphones!)


I like the mtal me and it's perfect. I have a Mesa, two Marshalls and a few other lesser-known lights amps (Laney, Ampeg ...) and it is with everyone. This is one of my guitars prfres.


I have this from scratch this t o I had a fit of money and I'm really happy. I paid 500 euros because his former Owner 'was an urgent need to sell and I because the merchant flighjt silent box a little battered. I think I made a deal.