Jackson King V KVXT
Jackson King V KVXT

King V KVXT, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the X series.

tjon901 01/18/2012

Jackson King V KVXT : tjon901's user review

« Great quality mid level Jackson »

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Jacksons new X series is a new line of guitars that brings the quality and construction of a USA made Jackson with the price point of an import Jackson. All the guitars are built with the same methods of the USA Custom Shop Jackson guitars but the woods are different and some of the hardware is different and it cuts the price in half if not more. This guitar is the King V model with the red bevels. This guitar kind of reminds me of the new RR models with the painted bevels. This model has a few upgrades. The body is made out of basswood with a maple neck through neck. Neck through construction just like a USA model. The maple neck has a rosewood fretboard with a compound radius and 24 jumbo frets. The bridge is an upgraded tonepros unit that locks in place making string changes easy and giving you a bit more sustain. The pickups in this example where upgraded with the new EMG James Hetfield JH set up. Normally it would come with a set of passive EMG's.


Playability is the name of the game with Jackson guitars. These guitars carry the torch well. They keep on the tradition of great playability all at a price more people can afford. The compound radius fretboard means it plays comfortably on both ends of the neck. On the low end of the neck the radius is more round so you can play chords more comfortably and on the high end of the neck the raidus is flatter so you can slam the action down and rip some leads effortlessly. The neck through design means there is no heel to get in the way when you are playing on the upper frets. The shape also helps with upper fret access. The body shape is more comfortable than it looks. The light basswood body means the guitar doesnt weigh you down when you are playing. The tonepros bridge is great and locks in place. All it needs is locking tuners.


The stock passive EMG's this guitar comes with are okay pickups for the price. If you upgrade anything on this guitar let it be the pickups. It will really wake this guitar up and give you all the tone of a flagship model Jackson. The customer had this guitar fitted with the new EMG James Hetfield setup. People are finally coming around to these pickups and in a big way. This pickup set is essentially an 81 and 60 setup but with event more fullness and a bit of a passive edge to it. The bridge position is slightly less dark than the stock 81. People seem to not like the neck pickup as much. I think they are forgetting its basically an EMG 60 which hardly anyone liked before. It too has a bit more of a passive edge to it. With these pickups you can hardly tell this guitar is made out of basswood instead of alder like a USA model would have been made out of.


These X series guitars are super solid well built guitars. Before with Jackson you had the USA stuff on the super high end and their super low end stuff that was just junk. There was hardly anything in the midrange. But not there are good guitars that combine the affordability of the import guitars with the quality and construction of the USA models. If you have some money to spend and are looking for a King V this is a good option. If you plan on upgrading it you might as well save some money first and get this model. With some upgrades it is every bit as good as the USA model and even with the upgrades it is still cheaper.