Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads
Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads
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Higher Gain 06/16/2009

Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads : Higher Gain's user review


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Guitar manufactured in India, American basswood body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.
22 jumbo frets, two duncan design pickups, a Floyd Rose licensed volume, a 3-position selector.


The handle is nice, not too thick or too thin, I compared a ibanez ergo, it has about the same kind.
Access to the treble is not the top despite its form, the last boxes are difficult to access, this is partly because the handle was screwed.
Although its shape may be a handicap to play sitting down, after he must know what we want.
In any case, it is very light, it is made to play up what.
on the other hand it looks a little nose, was offset by a strong strap that hangs.
then it is not necessarily given to the top, but it is true for all guitars have Floyd.


Okay, so nothing has to see this skyscraper was born to the metal, I play an ac head peavey 6505 and a Marshall cabinet, the sound that I obtain is more than good, accurate powerful a little the cob.
but obviously varies ac amp metter that you in the ass.
it's on with my mic cube I could say that the sound is awful, so very subjective, we must try ITS ac amplifier.
after the microphones are not the best nor the woods, but I am very safisfait for a guitar of this range, I would keep as a second guitar.
which is bizare is that I is not much difference in going from neck pickup to the intermediate position.


It'll be two weeks I have no need for more concrete advice.
I took it to the shape, configuration floyd 2 mic, then the price.
that's what I wanted so no need to test other, when we have the amp adequacy, there is no problem to have = its rings.
in fact I wanted a 'small' scratch until my mine.
Bought new 430th instead of 500 because little farts back and stayed a while in the window, this guitar is really very enjoyable to play, easy to use except the tuning, the pickups are pretty biting and what fun is ac the floyd.
I am delighted.

Edit 2009
I regret having sold the one I just read the reviews Demonaz and I think he was wrong with the JS30 that she possesses the mic jackson is probably made in Japan, and even a passage 50th skyscraper has a very high quality amp (VHT) sound necessarily.
I have an LP 3000th must compare what is comparable to 500th I thought it was a good scratch, or go see the side of the LTD / ESP.
I hope to resume a guitar like the guitar as a second, once the budget premettra me.