IMPERIAL FR 404S, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Kramer.

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MGR/Martin Fleming 12/01/2001

Kramer IMPERIAL FR 404S : MGR/Martin Fleming's user review

"Kramer Imperial FR-404S"

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I've been playing guitar for over a year now, and decided that I needed to "upgrade" to simply a better and more professional guitar than my Peavey T-27 Limited. So, hearing good things about, i went there and discovered their direct-from-warehouse supply of Kramer and Steimberger guitars, and was impressed by their Kramer Imperial FR-404S that only cost a ridiculous $249.99 with a list price of $800.00.

The guitar itself is the classic "ex" body shape similar to an Explorer, available in metallic colors and sporting black hardware with a double-locking floyd Rose licensed tremelo, gotoh SG machine deads,a 24 fret rosewood fret board with a fast, slim neck. I loved the guitar the minute i began playing, especially the low action perfect for my rock sound.

There weren't many dissapointments, but among the major ones was a huge paint crack on the neck at the twelth fret and the fact that the high e string needed to be adjusted in order to play the first fret, since it wouldn't produce anything but a dead dinging sound. Besides that, the guitar is practicly perfect.

So far, the only adjustment i've had to make was the action of the lower e string. The guitar itself is a "solid alder" body with twin quadrail humbuckers and a coil-tapping push/pull master tone control. A three way switch and volume know are also present. The bold-on hard maple neck has also performed well, and the guitar rarely needs tuning.

The bottom line is that the guitar sounds great, it has hum canceling in the push/pull control, and that it simply looks cool, especially in the metallic silver I bought, which almost looks chrome. The neck is perfect for fast action, the tremelo digs deep for impressive divebombs and I would definatly replace this guitar if it ever got stolen.

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