Schecter Ultra III [2005-2015ish]
Schecter Ultra III [2005-2015ish]

Ultra III [2005-2015ish], V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the TSH series.

sylleo 07/27/2006

Schecter Ultra III [2005-2015ish] : sylleo's user review


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J So I fall for this guitar
RAPORT money right !!!!! very nice finish Mylen that it is in core conut
three micro splitable
three button selection
double down
off in the middle position
and above simple position
a volume knob and a button tonalitbr /> handle comparable to that of a gibson
and a Bigsby exelant


The handle is very pleasant for those who are accustomed to playing on the gibson is my case I am not paysbr d /> Access in the acute result does however not very easy I pence that this guitar is more made for rhythm guitarist
I feel quite heavy compared to my sg but after everything is relative to you to try
the sound is easily adjustable and are obtained quickly as its lon research without the fuss
b mol only the guitar has a tendency to frieze thing I've mitigated the bridge back


I play in a cover band this guitar allows me to play any style of music with three microphones splitable c it is very versatile
This allows the assets of its clear that a layer closer to saturation and the closer to home I play with a gibson jcm 900


In short
a great value for money a Loock changing for those who love biensur
The Bigsby is the best effect and works well without the guitar Disagree
and after noon dessu bin settings and his attention is his first rehearsal
short if you want a versatile guitar well finished at a reasonable price with a vintage Loock
it is for you