Storm EXP100
Storm EXP100
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simsACDC 12/27/2013

Storm EXP100 : simsACDC's user review

«  Good basis for its price »

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The set is in mahogany, rosewood fingerboard
Made in China according to my memories
It had me sold so cheap because it was a poc on the body.

Lutherie is correct, the handle no worries game, the person with written notice to the other not so lucky.

- Channel 22 keys

- 3 adjustment knobs (Micro Channel - Bridge Pickup - Tone)

- Switch 3 positions (C - CM - M)

- 2 humbuckers in bridge and neck position doing their job ...

The classic sum

It should be noted that some parts of the fittings are stamped Epiphone ...


Well, let me be clear from the beginning, Explorer, we love where we do not like.

The interface is really good when you play sitting, standing, it is more difficult to access the upper frets but we made it.

the beast is quite heavy as my Gretsch full body, but at the same time, Explorer, this is BIG.

To adjust the sound ... bin in fact, I not rule, I do everything with my amp.


Here is the most interesting part to me:

I play mostly AC / DC and Metallica on a Line 6 Spider 212 Series 1, and I am quite capable of finding the acoustic sound of Metallica One through neck pickup and heavy saturation of Creeping Death or crunch a High Volatage the micro bridge, everything is a matter of adjusting microphones and amplifier.

the basic Humbuckers do their job, that's all, do not expect any great sound, but know that amp set properly behind can make small miracles.
It all depends on what you play, because this guitar on a small Marshall Mg 15, there is really disgusting.

There is not long, I changed the original pickups for a pair of EMG 60-81
And it's the same story.


I have this guitar for over 4 years

She took beatings, made tons of concerts improvised, I painted, changed the pickups, electronics, and since it is really nice for a final investment ridiculous ...

It was my first explore, then yes, the "banana" head is not there and yes it is not the varnish mad at Gibson, but it does its job, and I think it is essential

This is a guitar that greatly improvable over time. Know that if you maintain it properly, it can absorb the years
The only problem I had, it was the location of the tether that I moved to the back of the body, near the clamping plate of the handle and the jack, which she is really bad.

If the choice was again, I will be barreling without hesitation.