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neyfun 07/26/2005

Washburn DIME 36 G16 : neyfun's user review


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This is a guitar manufacturer in China.

It has 22cases and possde 2 humbucker washburn. This is solid wood. The neck seems to me trs drive.

The look is absolutely duly, the beautiful grounds, the nickel coating, it is) my taste much more impressive than BC rich for example.

Note that this is a guitar that does not have a floyd, which allows you to drop (casually it useful).

This guitar possde a Tone common to two microphones and two volume pots (one for each pickup). A slecteur can play three positions in the neck pickup in the two shuffled, or pickup.

The handle is when he al! tration of o guitar more fragile, but with less loss of sound!


The handle is enjoyable if somewhat Drout when you come to play with a Start before, because the strings are close to the TRS sleeve until 21me box, much closer than a Start. Access in acute and is without much problem.

Ergonomic level there's the image to see to realize that this guitar is outstanding. Time to adapt s'avre ncessaire standing. Sitting there is no problem, it plays well trs.

Fatal flaw: in view of the large head of the guitar when playing the guitar is standing dsquilibr it totally bites of the head, which makes the game almost impossible. As I advised the seller as did my dime, the solution is to place a hook to the strap at the bottom of the handle, and most of the guitar problem finds its balance, and the game becomes natural standing. .. almost!

Indeed it is the very first time that I do not feel the body of the guitar when I play, my arm, my wrist moving in a vacuum, only the hand and the mediator will affect the cord, but no original sensation not prevent him from playing: D On the contrary!
6 / 10 if we do not Remde equilibrium problem with the grip of the strap
7 / 10 if


His level, there is no problem, as prdispose its looks, this guitar is built for big sound. The pickups washburn are doing not too bad, although I find the sound a little soft, the texture too rough.

I remplacquot; smicros by the EMG and no worries, it's pure bliss!

With the original pickups, the sound is clear ... no more acceptable, a fat (I do not personally), I prfre sounds of slamming a fender! but the other is a dbat.

In disto not worry you will make the metal! (And even better now with EMG ^ ^)

Personally I play with a line6 spider2, I found one in the super insane rglant the green.

Note that you can make a surprising riffs ptits jazz or blues with this guitar, smicros original fare well trs.

The crunch is also acceptable trs,

In short, a typical metal guitar but "relatively" flexible.


In short, I use this guitar for 2 months just prs and I do not regret my choice. Its look gnial, design pest draw attention to the first glance.

being a fan of pantera and dear dime (rip), I am proud to see trs shouts his name on the head of the guitar.

has fewer than 500, this guitar is doing really well, the report price is trs good quality, although the addition of new micro (optional according to the ear of the acqureur the guitar) make it back quickly to around 700-800

months later I can say that I do not regret my choice! on the contrary!