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MystSonic AC Clean Modulator

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MystSonic AC Clean Modulator
News MystSonic AC Clean Modulator

Virtual acoustic guitar from MystSonic

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The AC Clean Modulator is based on the Carbon Graphite pickup saddle structure with a Mic/Line sample crossfade function clean tone simulator sample instrument.

You can use mod wheel to swap or crossfade tones between Mic and Line-in samples in realtime or using panel effect knob tuning with controller. As a morphable clean tone generator, it is possible in simulating various sounds.
  • Carbon Graphite saddle pickup structure.
  • Mod wheel / Midi CC assignable swap and crossfade between Mic / Line samples.
  • Various tone simulation using Mic / Line sample crossfade + pannel effect controller knob tuning.
  • Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System program provide note pitch change separately.
  • Portamento change velocity trigger: When vel level is up to 126~127, the note that played becomes portamento automatically.
  • Multi keymap selection: by using midi controller, it can be re-mapped to 4 different sample keymap.

Online download price for AC Clean Modulator / € 39.
Special offer: Buy over two MystSonic products and get 15% Off Projects.

For more information, visit www.mystsonic.com.
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