Native Instruments Akoustik Piano
Native Instruments Akoustik Piano

Akoustik Piano, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Native Instruments.

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jazzphoton 10/31/2005

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano : jazzphoton's user review


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I participated in the beta test of the piano, but there are confidentiality provisions in NI, I could not talk about the product before its release. I received the box of the final product, so here I think.

I immediately adapted response on my keyboard (a RD700sx) between medium and heavy (closer to heavy) and the velocity curves of the Akoustik Piano to -1, because I arrived too fast at high velocities.

The factory setting of the volume is too high and resulted in saturation, but it is enough to drop a little below half.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Steinway D without hacking.

The Bosendorfer 290 seemed strange at first. In fact it is because the stereo is too broad. Playing on the knob "Width" set about to "central position - two notches" the sound is warmer, more intimate. And adjusting the velocity curve to -2, we have access to soft stamps dpi, while keeping a good reserve of power.

The Bechstein 280 is very nice. I increased the volume "reso sustain" a little less than 3 / 4 and there he gives the best of himself. And you can win a little to decrease the Width.

Steingraber is the right to play old blues genre stride.

For each of these pianos, the quality of samples "release" is exceptional: the piano is alive! The sounds of keys and pedals are interesting. I had taken this idea to patch my characters on Kontakt 2, but with some nuances, such as making the sound of pedal is more or less strong depending on the speed of depression or release (of course it can not walk that 'with a sustain pedal gradually as the Roland DP8).

I like the button to invert the pan without taking the lead. That seems very useful to simulate different configurations: config. player config. public (with or without convolution ...). We can then place the piano as you want in the mix.