Native Instruments New York Concert Grand
Native Instruments New York Concert Grand

New York Concert Grand, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Native Instruments.

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Prodatlantis 12/15/2009

Native Instruments New York Concert Grand : Prodatlantis's user review


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I use it for a few days.

It has been 5 years since I studied piano every day with samples, especially those in Sampletekk, which are excellent.

I am looking for the last regular piano samples everywhere, and I know what I want, not too heavy a piano to play live without it cracks all the time, and fairly well balanced for the record, and not be ashamed to listen to.
I bought 5 years ago the "Emperor" of a Native to 150 euros at the time, was unusable! very beautiful sound, but gameplay random, and in a mix ... well it not fit ... it is too big, in every sense of the word.
I found what I was looking at Sampletekk in me suspicious since pianos Native.

I finally tried the $ 69 New York, hesitating with Berlin. . . and I was surprised at the gameplay, the patch NKI are not very heavy, so do not crack easily, the soft pedal works!! The sound is natural, well balanced, the reverb settings are different and I think utililes, which is not always obvious.

anyway CLASS! I've never played better in terms of playability and rich sound until now. Sampletekk pianos are excellent, but not as good playability NEW YORK grand piano is built for the live and studio, plus the piano of origin must be given the fabulous samples ...

I think Native is more accessible than before, they offer the free version of Kontakt 4, at least it works without interruption if you buy an instrument NATIVE.

The bad sides:

- Sounds not editable (but very well designed originally, so no big flip as Emperor for example)
- Can not re-register its own patch.

I would do this choice, and I'll try out the Berlin of the coup ...
I put 8, because they can surely do better ... we can always do better, but it's already good anyway, it's even excellent, not too expensive.