Sampletekk Black Grand
Sampletekk Black Grand

Black Grand, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Sampletekk.

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jazzphoton 10/31/2005

Sampletekk Black Grand : jazzphoton's user review


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See below


See below


A very good Steinway D, with excellent dynamics.

There is a closed version, a version mid ambient, and ambient version. The only thing that changes is the distance sound pickup.

I redid a patch for version 1.5.3 kontakt close to my site ( I totally remapped the pedal up samples for a timbre as homogeneous as possible after each velocity layer.
I put some programming "home" to improve the overall quality, playability, an effect pedal down ... The samples "release" seem taken from too far away from the rest. So I've transferred and replaced by another program "home". They are also advantageously replaced by a good pulse resonant piano in the convolution of kontakt 2 (patch not available on my website).

The overall sound is very dull and I often use an EQ to boost the high frequencies around 12kHz. He won with and percussion.