Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos
Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos

Ivory II Grand Pianos, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Synthogy.

yoTrakkz 10/06/2011

Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos : yoTrakkz's user review

« Great for us piano lovers »

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Ivory II Grands is just something different!! As a pianist I realize that the favorite piano sound is very personal and different from one to another. I have used some good stage pianos but there was "something" that I could not find in any of them, that "orchestral" sound that have the Yamaha grand from a local church, this inspiring tone, depth and clarity. The closest thing for me to this was the Nord Piano 88 for which I was saving. But then I decided to give a try to these virtual pianos and I was totally blown away!! Just using a privia PX-330 as a controller and Ivory II loaded on my macbook pro I was not playing, but living the piano playing experience! You can easily, very easily fool yourself closing your eyes and believing you are playing the real thing!! The German Grand, a Steinway is my favorite, it has a huge dynamic range and you can enjoy the romantics pianissimos and the full deep fortes. It's super for piano solos and classical performances.

The Bosendorfer is my second choice, just because I like more the dark tone of the Steinway. The particular this about this piano is that it have such a strong deep and at the same time bright bass like I have never heard before. I haven't tweaked to much yet with the C7 but I have to say, I would have buy this virtual instrument only for the Steinway! I'm looking forward to get the uprights and the italian grand from synthogy.

Overall, This is the best virtual piano in the market, and i´ve played with virtual instruments for a decade now, produced and toured, using sound modules, virtual instruments and of course sometimes recording real pianos in studio. You have an unprecedented level of control of the environment already inside Ivory.