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Jamie Thomson updates his HTML5 drum machine

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DreamPipe HTML5 Drum Machine
News DreamPipe HTML5 Drum Machine

Virtual Drum/Percussion from DreamPipe

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In 2013, we invited you to test a virtual drum machine coded in HTML5 by Jamie Thomson and accessible from any web browser.

The developer is still working on his app and html5drummachine.com now offers an improved version of its drum machine, with 5 kits that emulate the sounds of famous machines (TR-808, TR-909, LinnDrumm, MachineDrum and an acoustic kit), each with its own GUI color.

All the drum elements, which are now 13, from kick to percussions and clap, now include volume and tuning controls and you can create patterns of up to 16 steps that can then be exported to WAV format for use in your favorite DAW. And don’t forget the already existing tempo control.

Don’t hesitate to test (again) the app at html5drummachine.com.

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