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Thread [Getting started] The Best Virtual Drums

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1 [Getting started] The Best Virtual Drums
The Best Virtual Drums
You want to record your newest song but you have no drummer or your drummer is sick? Virtual drums were conceived to solve this problem. Here is our selection of the best of them...

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Addictive Drums are the best out of the "Big 3" IMHO, mainly because the original samples do NOT sounds as processed as the BFD-TT to our ears.

I keep trying to figure out what the big deal is with Jamstix, but I don't see it. The Melda MDrummer Large Instrument creates a more realistic "automatic drum track" than Jamstix most every time, AND they have a FREE small version you can grab & use.:bravo:

Bluenoise Drummix Beta & Sonoma DrumCore have to be THE best free-b's ever. Both are fully usable, and just MIGHT be all some folks need.

Manda Audio MT Power Drumkit 2 & Volko Alaturka Drum have to be the 2 BEST deals out there. These would be my "desert island" kits, no problem.

Ocean Way Drums are not worth that price, I Would rather grab Addictive Drums & EZ Drummer again with all the add-ons before I would pay that kind of money...the drums just sound "dated" to me, more so than the ones I mention.

And WHY is poor 'ol Session Drummer left out of all these round-ups? I know it is a kids toy compared to all of these, but in my studio it is fast, rock solid, and easy to use & set up. No, it is NOT fancy, but like DOS it worked & worked well.....(did I just date myself? :8O: :mdr:)

AcousticsampleS Urban Drums, Drumasonic LUXURY, and Vir2 Studio Kit Builder are new ones to me. I will be doing some surfing later tonight to check these out.

Thanks for the heads up on them!:8)

It has occurred to me that there are fewer years ahead than there are behind....
Glad you enjoyed it! :bravo:
I agree, Session drummer may not be fancy but it is rock solid and very shapeable. I have heaps of drum programs, and I definitely find Ocean Way Drums the best by a LONG shot. I only have the SE version, it was only $100 or something ridiculous, and I don't feel in any way limited! It still has about 17 drum kits, and to be honest I would have a headache using the full version and having to tweak around with the huge amount of microphones.

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