Submersible Music DrumCore

DrumCore, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Submersible Music.

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solo84 11/15/2008

Submersible Music DrumCore : solo84's user review


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DrumCore is a virtual drummer (he did not do anything under this category of "other squenceur software"). Do not rely on the display a little toy, it's heavy! Nothing envy EZ Drummer or Addictive Drums!

The principle? together hundreds of audio loops 24bits/48khz cheeks by stars of the battery (Zoro, Sly Dunbar, Alan White, Lonnie Wilson ... etc etc) as well as MIDI loops by the same cheeks in an interface to a search of all IMMEDIATE using varis CRITERIA.

If you want a reggae rhythm on a 70, you'll find. If you want a rhythm in 6 / 8 tempo on a site between 112 and 116, you'll also find ... etc.

A SUPER HINT: for a given groove drummers were recorded tempos DIFFERENT! When choosing a tempo (or a range of tempos) audio files on offer will therefore automatically registered with the tempo on those close +! The reslut mthode this is much more natural that the only time stretching!

As in other apps (EZ Drummer, BFD ... etc) often includes a groove variations, breaks ... Etc.

Once found several good groove Methods:
- Using DrumCore with ReWire squence your favorite (it works perfect!)
- Or make direct drag DPOS audio files in your tracks, REX course! As files are presents in the form of icons directly on the DrumCore interface is childish and IMMEDIATELY!
- Same for MIDI files possibly associated with the groove slectbr /> - Finally, always ReWire, it is possible to play very many kits directly from a MIDI surface contrle

There are other possibilities discover very original

Installation is easy, no worries!
The pdf manual is very well done, you're set!


It runs very well on my PC dual-processor Athlon 2x2600 windows XP Pro SP2.


Well, the most important content. Then the it depends! The sound is very clear and efficient, very natural, the dynamic audio files prserves and fit very easily in a mix! on the other hand has sounded a bit dry, very in your face ", and as we are not talking about pure audio at the touch line / overheads / room, much less mics DDiS (snare, hh Etc ...)! We must therefore listen to many dmos on the site, because if you do not like the sound is dead!

The styles of the many drummers are very Varis, sound quite DIFFERENT from the other a drummer! It is a pleasure!

- EZ Drummer availing oneself more grooves (Monstrous, indeed!) But it sounds more metallic, cold, and especially that they are MIDI files that play samples.
- Addictive Drums offers many more possibilities for treatment of her, but always the same: MIDI grooves + samples, but no audio loops! And its library of grooves is limited even when!
- BFD: the one not play in the same court, because BFD is very very resource hungry, and once again point audio grooves! For cons the part of DrumCore MIDI + samples does not compete with him, but that's normal! It would certainly more than has!! BFD appears to me even when much more versatile!

DEFINITIONS In Plutt should compare this app with libraries of audio loops, and for me he wins:
- Few bookshops grooves also ruffed, and that sound as good as well
- The management of the tempo comes down to a time stretching not always relevant, and not always practical

No, this product is dcidment by delegates from sub-Looking for a good "virtual drummer"? DOWNLOADS go BMD, and if you like the sound as is you will not regret it! If not go your way because you can not figure the change ...