Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage

Superior Custom & Vintage, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack.

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jacker 05/04/2005

Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage : jacker's user review


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For installation such as for long but suprior trs simple (for copy and paste do), the manual is in English but is more comprehensive than that of superior (at least my version superior)


8IK1100-gigabyte, P4 3GHz, 3GB of RAM, 3 HD (80GB, 160GB and 200GB) DSP2000 Hoontech
-With my config I don not use the "bounce" in Intgr soft, I do everything in real time
High-performance with my config, I work with drum kits go between 1.5 and 2.2 go without a problem
-My config is stable with this software on Windows XP Pro (with modification of the "BOOT.INI" for the swicth "/ 3GB" as I use more than 2GB of ram in Nuendo.)


I use the for more than a week and I must say that TOONTRACK strikes again trs fort, first of all, VINTAGE & CUSTOM does not overlap with DFH SUPERIOR compltent the contrary they are really wonderful sounds diff rent to other lovers of vintage sounds will be met, there are some clear case with legends, among others LUDWIG Supraphonic BlackBeauty and (those of John Bonham and Steve Gadd to name the most c lbre users) and any recorded stuff with the height (EMI 1964 console used by the Beatles and Pink Floyd among others). so that's good, now the only criticism that can be made is that for c exploit all these sounds, because it takes time for SUPERIOR as all sounds are so gross you have to play the ingnieur sound, but once we found the sound he ny no equivalent in terms the virtual drums.