Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR
Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR

dfh SUPERIOR, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack.

jacker 06/15/2004

Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR : jacker's user review


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Good for the installation no problem if n is hard (1 hour and 1 / 2) so everything is for the better.


My config: Pentium IV 2.5GHz
1GB ram
2x 80 GB hard disk
While the DGAT hello, with my config I can not load some drum kit, the kit SONOR example does little prs 1.2 go!! and as everything must be loaded into RAM the computer crashes and yet it is 1.2 go without all the open mics but I must say that there really is something to do. so if you want to be with BFD is to say to the c rel of time with other vsti forget or else you will need to invest in a G5 and 3GB of RAM. There is a parade all these problems must be made from soft bounces and then to apply all the effects in a Another project is a can c arduous but the rewards are worth the effort.
EDIT: APRS one month of use because I go back the note with a 1gig of ram will


So if you read above you have to tell you that this software is not good n well c is actually the exact opposite!! if you are patient and ordered the software c is the bomb! j also have BFD and for me There is no picture, despite all the default soft li al architecture (eg a snare drum has the direct sound above and below the patch, then there is an atmosphere of micro and especially snare repisse in all other microphones and icing on the cake was ACCS all volumes for repisse I m c is said that if you want to lower the level of the snare drum in the microphone charley tom or a possible, so it is more realistic). But the most important thing when even the sound and it really touches the sublime I'm bluffing, being my same drummer for 25 years I can tell you that the sound is for me what's the best in the field of virtual instruments and sound banks. And finally I can say that c is the first time that I happen to ring girls as if c was a good drummer trs that made them. conclusion in case I would not have t n clear: THIS IS ESSENTIAL SOFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
EDIT: 1 month to use APRS THIS SOFT IS ESSENTIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!