XLN Audio Addictive Drums
XLN Audio Addictive Drums

Addictive Drums, Virtual Drum/Percussion from XLN Audio in the Addictive Drums series.

tofe 10/22/2013

XLN Audio Addictive Drums : tofe's user review

«  An excellent software for virtual drums »

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Value For Money : Excellent
No worries implementation. just install the software. This will take some time to download the databases of several Giga.
The install is well done.


I have a Dell laptop which is about 3 years (Intel I3, W7 32 bit, 4 gig of ram, disk 7200).

The software works very well, it takes ten to fifteen seconds to load kits, but after that no lag or crash.
Solid stability, no crash for almost a year that I have.


Note that I make music for quite some time (at least ten years), but I'm not a crack in computer music.
I tried the demo version, and I realized with MIDI I could create my drum tracks and play with real drums sound. Wow! software was promo early this year and by downloading musiciansfriend the price was ridiculous (it is currently less than 120 euros excluding promo, shipping = 0 since the site sends you an activation code within 24H).
Note that I have not tried anything from a few freeware uninteresting that I forgot the names.
In terms of sound, nothing to say, it farts, and it is varied, even with the basic kits.
This app helps me to use two:
With my DAW I make my MIDI tracks battery with my old GP 5, I and any basta, it serves me as a basis for my recordings.
For a month or two, a standalone version appeared, with that I can play drum patterns without starting my DAW. It allows me to bosser my bass part with the real battery.
Note that I did not understand how to play my midi files, and the XLN Audio forum is very responsive. We always have answers to questions within 24 hours. If the doc is pretty well done too.
Not being an expert in computer music, I just numerous presets, especially since I bought the pack Funk and Black Velvet pack (I still enjoyed a promotion, bought a pack = free pack stronger than washing powder ;-)), the possibilities are enormous for an amateur like me I'm largely filled. For those who have a sound in mind with all the many settings of compression / equalization / reverb / saturation available, I think we can really create what we want.
Packs South are nice, but I do not use them much. I prefer to create my own, although mine do not have the subtlety and dynamic patterns recorded by real drummers.
In summary I am very satisfied with this software, although the basic investment is substantial, but ultimately not that much. As with many music software (I think Amplitube for example), you have to be on the lookout for specials if you're a little ricrac.
The value for money is excellent, even at 120 or 150 euros ....