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xoxos Radian

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Xoxos Radian
News Xoxos Radian

Virtual Drum/Percussion from Xoxos

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Public price: $20 incl. VAT
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xoxos has announced the release of Radian, a new Drum Synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Radian uses a bank of harmonic oscillators to render up to 256 partials of an ideal 2D circular membrane. The membrane is coupled with an air resonance and a rudimentary rim resonance model consisting of eight partials.


The timbres of acoustic drums vary from the ideal form, the company says. Radian produces sounds that are reminiscent of single membrane percussion instruments and is best enjoyed as an abstract because of the simplified and generalised parameterisation, according to xoxos.


The modeled instrument is mono-timbral and does not track the keyboard. Pitch bend is used to modify striking position.



It costs $20.

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