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Applied Acoustics Systems Strum Electric GS-1
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SuperGuitard SuperGuitard
Publié le 06/24/09 à 14:51
Installation: Easy

incompatibility problems: not uh

general configuration easy: yeah

the manual ... clear? I think I've finally seen not read everything ... but from what I flew, it is rather well done. The only complaint at this level (personal it bother me but it looks to a more disturbing: that manual in English so I said it anyway).


Macbook pro 2GB ram
no problem, the app is very light or even light: explanation in the last part ...
Performance: ras
Stability: currently no crash.


I use it for say about 2 months

The particularity of this virtual instrument is electric guitar that is not made from samples with a difference: it is a pure synthesizer!
basically it consists of two parts: one that synthesizes the signal produced by the strings and picked up by the magnetic pickups, and the second part which is a virtual amplifier.
synthesizer chords guitar is just great: Once amplified, it sounds exactly like a real guitar. With the skill, you get to play the same trick that even a guitar will not be able ^ ^
You can even play with chords ... and everything

So plug virtual electric guitar.

... The only little thing that I do not like about this app is the virtual amplifier, which I find not very well done and I do not like the settings but ... but if like me you like it, it does not matter, you can disable the amplifier and to "connect" over one third as trash.

So strum electric guitar is a virtual power takes less than 10 mo installed, very good, and is configurable to any number of ways.

I have not tried other models with Aquer but I prefer to 6 mo infinite light goods quality (and yes synthesizer equal quality 24 bit to see over 192 kHz and everything) that a limited sampler in models of guitars and amplification, and limited quality.

value for money, $ 225 I think, yes it is deserved!

I would do if this choice after reading this eloquent ...
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