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Impact Soundworks Shreddage X

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Impact Soundworks Shreddage X
News Impact Soundworks Shreddage X

Virtual electric guitar from Impact Soundworks belonging to the Shreddage series

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Impact Soundworks released “Shreddage X: Electric Guitar Samples Reloaded”, the expansion pack to their “Shreddage” electric guitar sample library.

“Shreddage X” expands the content of the original library, adding new articulations (per-note vibrato, harmonics, tremolo picking and aggressive sustains), new dropped tuning (down to Ab), true portamento slides and legato for both single notes and powerchords, single note release stops, and all-new, easy-to-use patch mapping.

The library was designed and produced by Aversa, a composer and producer (Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) who developed the original “Shreddage” as well as libraries like “Groove Bias” and “Koto Nation”. Javier Gonzalez and Blake Robinson assisted with editing and scripting, respectively.


“Shreddage X” functions as an add-on to the original “Shreddage” library, adding 1,000 new samples recorded with the same classic metal guitar, DI signal chain and 24/44.1 recording quality. The patches are programmed for Kontakt 4. No special programming, keyswitching or pedal control is needed – all articulations can be triggered using the keyboard and modwheel.

Pricing & Availability

“Shreddage X” is available for immediate download via the Impact Soundworks website (www.impactsoundworks.com) for $20 as an upgrade to owners of the original library, or $69 as a complete bundle.

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