MusicLab RealStrat
MusicLab RealStrat

RealStrat, Virtual electric guitar from MusicLab.

seb.petit1 05/18/2009

MusicLab RealStrat : seb.petit1's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
No particular concern, the interface is relatively clear and the controls are intuitive or explicit manual (pdf) who appeared well done because I quickly found the little info that I had to look.


Only one small problem and 1 only once: when I was playing, the location of the fingers on the handle was no longer, that's all ...
The whole is stable, little space in RAM (about 50MB) and resource proc.


1 large month of use, he replied quite to my needs:
- I play music at best a once a week, especially prog rock, with guitar or there is a need
- I moved several thousand miles from my guitar record, the miscreant did not want to follow me
- I itches a little, but I do not have time to acquire sufficient level to cause too simplistic rhythm in the rhythm, which for the solos, one enters the world of dreams
- So I can sleep parties of all stripes guitar with this app.

The pros:
- The manner of play, we're in a hybrid guitar / keyboard: a hand decides the agreement and the other rhythm, or decides to hand the note and the other the effect.
- All were played on the guitar are present to my knowledge (bend, pale muting, unison bend, harmonics, etc. ...)
- With amp simulation, the fact that
- I really enjoy playing
The -:
- Not amp simulator, it does mean (at the same time, playing an electric guitar without an amp, it has rarely done ...)
- The keyboard command for the different styles of play are divided in two sides of the keyboard playing, so that to move from one game Agreement (Agreement = left hand, right hand = rhythm) to a single player ( = left hand gestures techniques, right hand notes =) I need to change the height of my octave midi keyboard (5 octaves anyway).

I compared with RealGuitar: on the first notes, the advantage is clearly RealGuitar, but after the big sound effect from the beginning, the smoothness and playability are clearly (and very far from my humble opinion ) for RealStrat.

160 euros on their website, very good value for money, especially if I compare to my dilemma out: software or real guitar, amp and some real progress ... no photo.

I would do this choice unless I had enough time and money to invest myself in the guitar, the real ...