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MusicLab samples a Rickenbacker

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MusicLab RealRick
News MusicLab RealRick

Virtual electric guitar from MusicLab

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Public price: $199 incl. VAT
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RealRick, MusicLab’s new virtual instrument plug-in, is based on the sound of a Rickenbacker electric guitar, and will be available on Friday.

RealRick is a standalone and VST2/3, AU and AAX plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows, and not a library for use within a software sample player ; you’ll need to use is with an amp simulation plug-in.

Samples used to create this virtual instrument come from recordings at 24-bit / 96kHz of a Rickenbacker electric guitar and are compiled into 6 patches (6-string, 12-string A and B, 6-string stereo and 12-string A & B stereo/mono). A chord detection system is included, it can recognize more than 30 types of chords (2000 forms approximately) and 4 positions on the neck. You can also change these chords via a built-in editor.

RealRick, along with the raw guitar samples, includes fret, release and pick noises, a Drop C tuning mode, violoning, sustainer, harmonic feedback and wah-wah samples.

It also embeds the following technologies, all being designed for enhanced realism:

  • Multi-Channel Layering featuring a custom library of samples for each fret of the guitar
  • Floating Fret Position to simulate the positions on the neck
  • Guitar Touch to reproduce the standard playing techniques (strum, pluck, slide, bend, mute…) with a MIDI keyboard or controller (aftertouch, pitch bend, modulation wheel, sustain pedal)
  • Sound Humanize avoids the “machine gun” effect when repeating notes
  • Guitar Rhythm Pattern with a pattern library created by MusicLab so that you can build your own backing tracks
  • Struminator if you use alternate MIDI controllers (the Guitar Hero controller for instance)

RealRick also features a MIDI Guitar mode if you connect your guitar to a MIDI interface for instance.

Last, RealRick ships with the IK Multimedia AmpliTube Custom Shop, which includes 24 amp and effect models and can be completed with 200+ models.

RealRick will be available on Friday September 26th for the price of $199, but you can receive it for free if you purchase any of the MusicLab Real Instruments until tomorrow night. Full details of this new plug-in are online at www.musiclab.com.

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